Business Owners


As a small, woman, and/or minority business owner...

...Have you considered locating in one of Delaware's entrepreneurial-friendly downtowns?

...Do you need one-on-one help in stablilizing or expanding your business?

...Have you considered expanding to a second or third downtown location?

Downtown Delaware invites business owners statewide to become part of the growing network of Delaware town representatives, small business and property owners, design and development professionals, and citizens that are actively planning for strong downtown business growth. Downtown Delaware and your local Main Street program or Commericial District Affiliate town stand ready to assist your efforts, through one-on-one consultation, group training, and other business development methods.

Consider also attending one of Downtown Delaware's training opportunities that provide a wonderful venue to meet others involved in downtown revitalization. Examples of past topics include:

  • Creating Entrepreneurial-Friendly Downtowns
  • Moving Downtown Vacancies to Community Assets

For information on future Feature Presentations, Project Pop Up, or other small business-related needs, contact the DEDO Small Business Outreach Specialist, For additional entrepreneurial resources from DEDO, .

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